Clean & Seal


If you find that once you have to pressure wash your driveway, footpaths or entertaining areas regularly due to dirt, mould and car fluids - you should consider a clean and seal service. Our seasoned technicians perform a two step process, initially washing down your requested area to make it look fresh and new. Then, the team will use a product to seal the surface to repel dirt, grim and car fluids - leaving your driveway or exterior walkways, pool and entertainment areas looking pristine for up to three times longer than a standard pressure wash alone!

We strive to use environmentally friendly products in this process to ensure we minimise our impact on the environment. Enquire below or book your discovery call to find out how we can deliver a premium same day clean and seal service to you.


To easily maintain your exterior common areas in front of your cafe, hotel, office, restaurant or strata managed complexes, you should consider a clean and seal service. This can allow for reprieve in the frequency of scheduled maintenance, while leaving a lasting first impression on your clients and customers. Clean and seal preserves the clean appearance of your walkways, warehouses, driveways, playgrounds, pool areas, community spaces and common areas, delivering a premium look and feel to your business or managed premise.

For a tailored commercial same day clean and seal service that meets your needs precisely and exceeds your expectations, book a discovery call today for your customised offer.

Clean & Seal


You deserve nothing but the best service when it comes to property detailing. From your home through to your business, 4 SPD are the team that will take care of your needs - raising the standard of excellence. For your personalised quote, contact our team today or book in your discovery call to discuss how we can provide the perfect pressure washing service for you.

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