Who we are

4 Seasons Property Detailing is passionate about delivering the highest quality commercial and residential property detailing services. Our technicians have been hand-picked for their attention to detail, ensuring that all clients receive a premium service from the start of the project through to completion. We strive to deliver peace of mind and quality of workmanship, allowing people and businesses to feel proud of their investments when they look as good as the day they moved in.

4 Seasons Property Detailing is passionate about the environment. This has stemmed from our director's youth - growing up, Hoby lived right near the Big Scrub Rainforest in Booyong. Being a classic country boy he had developed a love for nature - regularly riding his bike through bush tracks with friends, and exploring the forest's native flora and fauna.

Now, it has gone from a rainforest that used to be 75, 000 hectares in size to being reduced by 99% for agriculture. Hoby has seen the dramatic impact of deforestation from his childhood to now - and feels it important to act to preserve and help our backyard to grow and thrive. This passion has found him changing the products he uses on every project to be environmentally friendly surfactants, as well as donating 5% of profits to The Big Scrub Landcare charity.

What we do

Are you wondering what 4 Seasons Property Detailing does?
Property detailing is an industry that our founder is passionate about, knowing that any commercial or residential property has to look beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. Our technicians are specialists in removing grim, moss, mould and dirt that builds up on your properties exterior, potentially decreasing its value and appeal. We tend to forget how important the exterior of our buildings can be - after all, it’s your home or businesses first impression to guests and clients!

Through perfecting our skills in pressure washing, soft washing, window and solar panel cleaning, we are able to offer a distinctly professional service that gives you the curbside appeal you're looking for - as well as pride in your property! Whether the purpose for detailing is to give your home a fresh look, or keeping your commercial warehouse up to code you can trust that 4SPD are the property detailers for the project.

Meet hoby

Our director and founder Hoby Butchart has always had a keen eye for detail, appreciating how properties and buildings look when they have been well maintained. Through humble beginnings in 2000, Hoby provided quality property cleaning and maintenance services to inner city Sydney, Lower North Shore and Northern Beaches clients. Here is where he mastered his detailing skills, performing intricate works while abseiling, and having the ability to connect with clients - developing unique relationships with every client.

In 2004, Hoby felt it was time to create and launch 4 Seasons Property Detailing in order to provide a more personal and premium service to clients - being more like family than a transaction. After having thrived in the Sydney market, it was time for 4SPD to seek further growth and establish roots in Newcastle - introducing the region to a premium services for residential and commercial clients from coast to country. Our flexible and professional property maintenance and cleaning technicians are diverse in skillset, being able to effectively service the Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Nelson Bay, Soldiers Point, Boat Harbour, and The Hunter Valley areas.







4 Seasons Property


You deserve nothing but the best service when it comes to property detailing. From your home through to your business, 4 SPD are the team that will take care of your needs - raising the standard of excellence.

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